Upstart Crow gets second series! Why?

Upstart Crow opened up with 1,290,000 viewers. The last episode was watched by 810,000. For some unknown reason this travesty of a sit-com written by Ben Elton is getting a second series.

Why is this getting a second series?


The Comedy Con

In the past 5 years, I have not laughed at a British comedy!

Shows like HARRY & PAUL, LIMMYS SHOW, BURNISTOUN, HOUSE OF FOOLS and INSIDE No9 have left me bemused at the standard at the BBC.

HOUSE OF FOOLS was cancelled. The last episode attracted 760,000 viewers, up from 660,000 for the previous show, but down 633,000 on the first episode! Stephen Fry wants a second series – let him commission it, then!

The first two episodes of INSIDE No9 hovers around the 1,000,000 viewers mark, episode 5 was watched by 720,000, its getting a second series, but I’m not sure if its COMEDY.

HARRY & PAUL’s latest effort was a series of sketches repeated each week. A dire attempt at comedy. Watched by 1.48 million for the first episode, down to 1.01 million for the penultimate episode. The figures for the last episode were not released! Although the Special Compilation episode screened 5 weeks after the first episode attracted 1.12 million.

God knows how GETTING ON has had 3 series, and Royal Television Society Awards and BAFTAs?

Who is commissioning this drivel?

The BBC made a statement that more women are going to be on the male dominated panel shows. Sounds good, but where are the funny women? Its like the Governments recommendations for more female board members for businesses. Its giving women the job for the sake of the job, regardless as to how good they are!

Sue Perkins latest tv effort, HEADING OUT was panned, and rightly so!

CABIN PRESSURE BBC radio comedy, that lacks laughs. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch, an actor that plays some kind of tv detective.

The last ever episode was inundated with 200,000 ticket requests, a record! But, was it because of the quality of comedy, or for Benedict Cumberbatch? Which brings me to –

THIS IS JINSY, a “comedy” that appears to depend on its guest performer to get ratings. David Tennant, Peter Serafinowicz, Catherine Tate, Stephen Fry, Ben Miller, Katy Brand (whom must be the unfunniest women on tv), have appeared in either of the shows two series., which is lucky to get 50,000 viewers!, Yes, 50,000!!!

We will never see the like of PORRIDGE, FAWLTY TOWERS, MORECAMBE AND WISE, THE GOOD LIFE, or BLACK ADDER GOES FORTH, but, we should be doing a hell of a lot better than the current crops of shows!

The Anti-Classic Who Panini Doctor Who Magazine


Whilst glancing over the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, it is becoming more and more apparent that this publication is anti Classic Doctor Who.

Every time a classic Doctor Who DVD is released it gets a good slagging, when a NuWho DVD comes out, it gets a huge amount of praise. References to NuWho are always brought up in the review of Classic Who. Moffat is mentioned in The Moonbase review, and RTD was mentioned in the Genesis of the Daleks Fact of Fiction, suggesting that the Time War started then. 

The Time Team NEVER slag off NuWho (with the possible exception of Fear Her), but even then 3 out of the 4 team members loved it.

And when someone dares having a go at NuWho, well, just read the preview of About Time – Series 1 and 2, by Norwegian Press. They may never get a preview of the sequel!!!



Why I hate Steven Moffat as Doctor Who Showrunner


1 – A companion from the past, or future.
2 – No nudity.
3 – No companion/Doctor love interest.
4 – No Vastra, Jenny, Strax, or River.
5 – No more Sonic Screwdriver.
6 – A purely historical story.
7 – No more Daleks, Cybermen, Silents or Angels.
8 – A TARDIS that can’t be controlled.
9 – Fewer Earthbound stories.
10 – No stupid catchprases “bow ties are cool”, “fezzes are cool” – We, know, you say it every bloody week!

11 – More two parters – No, Mr Moffat they are not just as expensive as two one parters. If you use the same studio set, they work out cheaper.

Since I originally wrote this on a Facebook page, on 1st January, It has been leaked that  the Lesbian detectives, and Strax, are in the first episode of series 8 – new Doctor, same old crap

It was recently revealed that a new present day companion will join the TARDIS crew. I wonder what plot device he will have?

Well, the Daleks are coming back. Signs aren’t looking good, for a clean slate.

Things I hate about J. J. Abrams Star Trek

ST Into Darkness was a terrible rehash of ST Wrath of Khan.

With a 4 year gap between films, surely they could come up with adventures that the Shatner crew went through that weren’t screened/logged.

Benedict Cumberbatch is no Ricardo Montalbán. He is not even of Indian descent. (the character)

Karl Urban is excellent as McCoy, but has become a parody of the McCoy character. Consistently spouting proverbs.

Will Spock be talking to his future self in every film, to find out how to defeat the enemy? Lazy writing!

I like Alice Eve, but her accent was terrible.

I don’t like Simon Pegg, and his little buddy. I saw enough of that in Lost in Space.

Why kill Christopher Pike? The character had a rough enough deal in the tv series. And instead of trying to save his life, Spock mindmelds with him!?!?

What happened to the technology that Khan brought to Starfleet?

Anyone notice that Noel Clarke, a cockney, doesn’t actually speak?

Enough of the blue lens flare!

Things I hate about BBC’s Sherlock

Sherlock does not have living parents and TWO brothers.
There is NO hint of Holmes or Watson being gay.
Moriarty did NOT rise from the dead.
Moriarty was a calm, behind the scenes mastermind, who only appeared ONCE in the books.
Dr Watson did not marry an assassin.
Watson is told almost straight away by Holmes how he survived the Falls.

Apart from some obvious Conan Doyle themes, if all the character where given different names, then it would be unrecognizable.
The BBC is not producing Sherlock Holmes!