Why I hate Steven Moffat as Doctor Who Showrunner


1 – A companion from the past, or future.
2 – No nudity.
3 – No companion/Doctor love interest.
4 – No Vastra, Jenny, Strax, or River.
5 – No more Sonic Screwdriver.
6 – A purely historical story.
7 – No more Daleks, Cybermen, Silents or Angels.
8 – A TARDIS that can’t be controlled.
9 – Fewer Earthbound stories.
10 – No stupid catchprases “bow ties are cool”, “fezzes are cool” – We, know, you say it every bloody week!

11 – More two parters – No, Mr Moffat they are not just as expensive as two one parters. If you use the same studio set, they work out cheaper.

Since I originally wrote this on a Facebook page, on 1st January, It has been leaked that  the Lesbian detectives, and Strax, are in the first episode of series 8 – new Doctor, same old crap

It was recently revealed that a new present day companion will join the TARDIS crew. I wonder what plot device he will have?

Well, the Daleks are coming back. Signs aren’t looking good, for a clean slate.


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