The Anti-Classic Who Panini Doctor Who Magazine


Whilst glancing over the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, it is becoming more and more apparent that this publication is anti Classic Doctor Who.

Every time a classic Doctor Who DVD is released it gets a good slagging, when a NuWho DVD comes out, it gets a huge amount of praise. References to NuWho are always brought up in the review of Classic Who. Moffat is mentioned in The Moonbase review, and RTD was mentioned in the Genesis of the Daleks Fact of Fiction, suggesting that the Time War started then. 

The Time Team NEVER slag off NuWho (with the possible exception of Fear Her), but even then 3 out of the 4 team members loved it.

And when someone dares having a go at NuWho, well, just read the preview of About Time – Series 1 and 2, by Norwegian Press. They may never get a preview of the sequel!!!




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