The Comedy Con

In the past 5 years, I have not laughed at a British comedy!

Shows like HARRY & PAUL, LIMMYS SHOW, BURNISTOUN, HOUSE OF FOOLS and INSIDE No9 have left me bemused at the standard at the BBC.

HOUSE OF FOOLS was cancelled. The last episode attracted 760,000 viewers, up from 660,000 for the previous show, but down 633,000 on the first episode! Stephen Fry wants a second series – let him commission it, then!

The first two episodes of INSIDE No9 hovers around the 1,000,000 viewers mark, episode 5 was watched by 720,000, its getting a second series, but I’m not sure if its COMEDY.

HARRY & PAUL’s latest effort was a series of sketches repeated each week. A dire attempt at comedy. Watched by 1.48 million for the first episode, down to 1.01 million for the penultimate episode. The figures for the last episode were not released! Although the Special Compilation episode screened 5 weeks after the first episode attracted 1.12 million.

God knows how GETTING ON has had 3 series, and Royal Television Society Awards and BAFTAs?

Who is commissioning this drivel?

The BBC made a statement that more women are going to be on the male dominated panel shows. Sounds good, but where are the funny women? Its like the Governments recommendations for more female board members for businesses. Its giving women the job for the sake of the job, regardless as to how good they are!

Sue Perkins latest tv effort, HEADING OUT was panned, and rightly so!

CABIN PRESSURE BBC radio comedy, that lacks laughs. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch, an actor that plays some kind of tv detective.

The last ever episode was inundated with 200,000 ticket requests, a record! But, was it because of the quality of comedy, or for Benedict Cumberbatch? Which brings me to –

THIS IS JINSY, a “comedy” that appears to depend on its guest performer to get ratings. David Tennant, Peter Serafinowicz, Catherine Tate, Stephen Fry, Ben Miller, Katy Brand (whom must be the unfunniest women on tv), have appeared in either of the shows two series., which is lucky to get 50,000 viewers!, Yes, 50,000!!!

We will never see the like of PORRIDGE, FAWLTY TOWERS, MORECAMBE AND WISE, THE GOOD LIFE, or BLACK ADDER GOES FORTH, but, we should be doing a hell of a lot better than the current crops of shows!


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