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Things I hate about J. J. Abrams Star Trek

ST Into Darkness was a terrible rehash of ST Wrath of Khan.

With a 4 year gap between films, surely they could come up with adventures that the Shatner crew went through that weren’t screened/logged.

Benedict Cumberbatch is no Ricardo Montalbán. He is not even of Indian descent. (the character)

Karl Urban is excellent as McCoy, but has become a parody of the McCoy character. Consistently spouting proverbs.

Will Spock be talking to his future self in every film, to find out how to defeat the enemy? Lazy writing!

I like Alice Eve, but her accent was terrible.

I don’t like Simon Pegg, and his little buddy. I saw enough of that in Lost in Space.

Why kill Christopher Pike? The character had a rough enough deal in the tv series. And instead of trying to save his life, Spock mindmelds with him!?!?

What happened to the technology that Khan brought to Starfleet?

Anyone notice that Noel Clarke, a cockney, doesn’t actually speak?

Enough of the blue lens flare!